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Solutions for Business

Communications and Media Systems for Business come in many shapes and forms. What is clear, however, is that an improved quality of training and communication to all stakeholders results in improved business performance.

Communicate Regularly and Effectively - Training & Presentations

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Training and regular communication continues to be extremely important in any organisation but is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver in a conventional manner due to cost and resource constraints, people's general availability and their diverse location. Fortunately the SAO Platform from Something Abstract addresses these issues with training and communications which are,

  • Involving
  • Interactive
  • Regular
  • Cost-effective

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Deliver training and communications online but most importantly, deliver communications which are interactive, engaging and interesting.



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Digital Signage Clearly Communicates and Entertains within Buildings and Company Sites

Workplaces are a regularly changing environment and the communication of daily issues, events and instant requirements need to be readily communicated in a creative, interesting and efficient way.

The Freeway Digital Signage System was created to address this need. This allows someone at the main reception or administration area to create the required messaging for the day in an instant and ad-hoc manner or in a timed, planned scheduled basis.

Distribute PowerPoint presentations, live video and audio feeds, and website views and couple these with instant superimposed messages that play along the bottom of each screen.

Creative, involving, efficient and unobtrusive messaging using the Freeway Digital Signage System.


Central Storage of All Video/Audio Clips, Presentations and Computer Files

An ever-increasing quantity of media files are today used for communication, training, marketing, promotion and sales. However despite the fact that a lot of these assets take considerable time and effort to produce, many are often only used once and are never re-used or re-purposed. The reasons for this are many but they generally come down to the fact that those who might want to re-use an item cannot find it, cannot use it in its current form or cannot readily play it out in a required location.

Users of the Freeway Media Archiving System however, benefit from reliable robust central storage which stores all media along with cataloguing information. This means that everyone in the organisation knows where all items are stored and can use the cataloguing system to search, retrieve and instantly view any item that they wish. In addition, the Freeway system also includes simple to use toolsets for editing video to create the clip that is really required from a current clip and for converting it from one media format to another as required.

This coupled with the ability to search for and playout material from any computer on the network means that media storage, handling, searching, retrieving and re-use has never been easier. Never again lose a PowerPoint presentation or video clip, and readily play it out wherever and whenever required.