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Who should you be speaking to?
Work more effectively. Everyone working to a common goal. Communicate the latest plans. Ensure that the appropriate training is delivered. Communication is key to the continuing success of any organisation. We can help you to speak to your customers, potential customers, staff and contractors regularly,
Reduce cost. Use the latest technologies. Adopt best-practice communication techniques.
Work sustainably.  Reduce carbon emission. Work more effectively. Work more efficiently.
Communications. Communicate directly, interactively, fast and accurately. Customer Communities. Build sustainable customer communities. Share expertise and build relationships. Information and Training. Train and inform, accurately and on demand. Deliver what is required, when it is required.
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video production is about communication: clear, concise and memorable. Here is a recent example of our work for Employee Volunteering. the brief was to create a video for an exhibition stand which would clearly communicate our client's capabilities, values and work. It was also specifically designed so that anyone could begin to view it at any point. Watch the Employee Volunteering video either here or on youtube

Professinal Multimeda Production. Media rich websites and collateral grab attention and help you to convey your message clearly and accurately.  Our team of Marketing and Communicaition experts can work with you to help you to develop the correct content for your application.
Freeway Dgital Screen Information System.  Communicate quickly, easily and effectively with Freeway Digital Signage. Target your audience and use different messages for different locations. Engage your audience with a wide range of media on screen including PowerPoint presentation, video clips, Live News, Scolling Messages.  Find out more about the Freeway Digital Screen Information System.
Find out more about using Digital Signage in a GP Practice.Find out more about using the Freeway System in a GP Practice.
Is your message getting lost?  Clear , direct, cost effective communication and training systems for the NHS and Healthcare Sector.  At times of great change and reduced budgets, it is more important than ever before to use effective and efficient methods of communication and training. Find out more about how the practical and effective solutions from Something Abstract can help your trust.
Something Abstract Online Platform for Training Delivery.  Use the SAO Platform to create and deliver online training effectively. Deliver media rich, interactive training which will engage your audience. Flexible delivery means that training can be developed and delivered using standard virtual learning environments, websites or the SAO Platform.  Matched funding grant now available - contact us for more details.




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